In response to the 12/7/2010 post, “Game On! Schools – Part 3,” a reader writes: I am all for a little competition, but this sounds just a little aggressive. I would like to know how Game On schools manage their time, and of the entire day what part of their time is most valuable to them or that they manage better than any other time? What is their secret to being so successful? SC Response Yes, the Game On! schools and staff are aggressive. They are aggressively chasing down excellence. Excellence defined terms of student and campus performance. Part of this chase does involve managing time. The simple version of this is that the Game On! schools work on the things that matter and quit working on the things that do not matter. That is how you effectively mange time. Your “To Do” list becomes more focused and your “Do Not Do” list becomes increasingly expansive. At a Game On! school, what is most valuable? Teaching, learning, and measurable performance. What is least valuable? Anything that gets in the way of teaching, learning and measurable performance. So what is the secret? The Game On! schools operate a structured PLC system that, to use a Good To Great metaphor, constantly rinses the cottage cheese. That system and the insights that it forces staff to develop, drive student performance beyond what can be expected in traditional settings. If you are interested in implementing Game On! on your campus, send me an e-mail. Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…Follow Sean Cain on the LYS Presentation at the National Conference on EducationAttend the LYS Presentation at the TASB Winter Legal ConferenceVisit the LYS Booth at the NASSP ConferenceAttend the LYS Presentation at the Texas Middle School Conference