Well it wouldn’t be a TASA Mid-Winter Conference if there wasn’t an impending winter storm disaster. Now I just plan for it.
As usual the LYS Booth was a hub for school leaders and old friends from across the state to meet and catch up. Along with Sherilynn Cotten, Jim Davis, Bob Brezina and Don Brown here’s the short list of those who stopped by (apologies to anyone I forget to mention): Rick Berry; the Old Ball Coach, Tim Edwards; Dr. C-Scope, Wade Labay; Fred Richardson, Dr. Jerry Roy, most of the Grand Prairie ISD team; the Midland ISD team; Dr. Tommy Price; Dr. Andy Peters; the Cotulla ISD team; the Tomball ISD team; Dr. Wanda Bamberg; the Luling ISD team; the Hutto ISD team; the Eagle-Mt. Saginaw team; Ed Tweedie; the TASSP team; Larry Hutto; lots of old friends from the High School Redesign days; and lots of our old HCDE pals.
Without getting too political, here is my analysis of our current situation. Money will be tight for the next two years. Probably not as bad as the early news would lead you to believe, but there will be painful cuts. This will not improve until we elect people that understand two things.
1. Investing in public infrastructure is the only way to ensure long term prosperity.
2. If you cut off a $25 billion dollar revenue stream, you have to replace it with another revenue stream.
I’ll close with this, if we keep voting for people who tell us that they think education is important, but then do nothing to support education, who is to blame? Us or the people we keep electing?
Think. Work. Achieve.
Your turn…
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