A LYS Reader Asks:


When you fix things or put systems in place, how important is the issue of sustainability? At least in terms of, from one principal to another?”

SC Response
1. The answer is, it is a paradox. Sustainability is critical, unless it is not important at all.
2. Many fixes are simply a bridge. The practices and procedures that get you and your organization from Point A to Point B can in many cases prevent you from getting to Point C. For example, a school can make considerable initial progress just by recognizing and implementing the idea that “Bad Instruction is Better than No Instruction.” This is a classic Point A to Point B practice. However, long term success would necessitate that the practice of “Bad Instruction” evolve.
3. Finally, though this sounds cynical, assume that the leader who will follow you will be an idiot. If you operate under this principle, then purposefully building staff capacity and their pride in accomplishment becomes your primary focus. Do this and the staff will be able to sustain itself for long periods of time in the face of any adversity. When this is the case you have done your part to leave a stronger organization than you inherited. Which is a recognized hallmark of an exceptional leader.
Think. Work. Achieve.

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