Some quick hit comments from LYS readers over the past couple of days…

“Friendly fire? Check fire? Isn’t that a little extreme?”

SC: There was no offense taken. The writer and I go way back. Sometimes, half the fun is disagreeing at full speed.

“Congratulations on the blog birthday. In the past 6 months, I have learned more about school leadership than I had learned in six previous years as a teacher.”

SC: Thanks, for reading. I know at times the blog doesn’t seem like it applies to teachers, but I believe that informal leadership is equally as important as formal leadership (if not more so). So I think the blog is a critical resource for teachers who take their role as informal campus leaders seriously.

“Now the blog is awesome again, it was getting stale for a week or two. Controversy brings out the real problems and issues!!!”

SC: What do you mean again? The blog is always awesome. But as I always remind the LYS Nation, a dialogue is easily more entertaining and enlightening than a monologue. Keep your comments, questions, concerns and issue coming. And if you don’t like the direction of the conversation, interject something new.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…