Based on the posts relating to “A Problem with a Co-Worker” (November 2009), a reader writes:

“Each day I can’t wait to find a spare morsel of time to read your updates. But I can’t help but wonder if the school district that is paying such big money to bring you to us is bothering to read your blogs. Can they possibly be reading the same things I do each day? If so, then surely they wouldn’t let such small town politics keep standing in the way of what’s best for our students! I went back in the archives and found this post to reference for a class I’m taking for a Masters In Educational Leadership. It just makes me wonder if we all get the same e-mails.”

SC Response
Yes, everyone gets the same e-mails. And though I do not know which district you are working in, I can tell you that if we are in your district, Leadership is reading the blog. We are not hired by mistake. But that does not mean that leadership is in the position to adopt all of our recommendations at once.

The typical district changes directions like a super tanker changes direction. It takes a lot of planning, a lot of time and a lot of space. We are like a tug boat. We help a district or campus change direction faster but also guide the organization through treacherous waters.

However, what I do find humorous at times is that staff downstream from the person who hired us (either the superintendent or a principal) sometimes they think that they can pick and choose what they implement and what they will not, and that we will be OK with that.

To which I ask a questions similar to the one you asked, “Do you read the Blog? Do you think that we don’t mean it?”

Thanks for reading, good luck with your M.Ed. and pass the Blog to your classmates. We want them exposed to the LYS Nation sooner rather than later.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…