In response to the post, “Lesson Framing,” a reader writes:

“Great post! You are right to state that lesson framing is not “easy.” Like most of the LYS principles taught and shared by Sean Cain, they are not difficult, they are just down right bold and smooth (kind of like my favorite beer).

Unfortunately, the most simple of concepts are often scary to educators. When Brown, Cain, and Brezina present the data and shows someone how to improve their class, school or district, it is so elementary and foundational, that people are embarassed to change their traditional ways.

Good teaching takes one key ingredient that is not easily found… ENERGY!!!”

SC Response
Bold and Smooth? Like your favorite beer? You may want to consider a career in advertising after to retire from education leadership. I may include that statement on my vita.

You touch on a topic that Brezina, Brown and I often discuss. That is for some people our solutions are too easy. They actually want the answer to be complicated. The work of improvement is already arduous, adding complexity simply makes it impossible.

Just remember one of the LYS mantras, “You will never compete for a championship if you can’t execute the fundamentals.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…