The following has been cribbed and adapted from a chapter of “The Big Moo,” edited by Seth Godin.

They say I demand too much. I say they accept mediocrity.

They say we can’t handle this much change. I say we can’t afford to continue to leave students behind.

They say we aren’t bad. I say we aren’t great.

They say plan. I say do.

They say we need good people. I say we need great educators.

They say fast follower. I say bruised and battered leader.

They say happy balance. I say creative tension.

They say we need a team that works and lives in harmony. I say we need a creative brawl.

They say relationships are key. I say we need the unvarnished truth.

They say think about it. I say try it.

They say change takes time. I say change takes a minute.

They say be patient. I say our students are running out of time.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…