In response to the posts regarding “Problems with the Boss,” a reader writes:

“As SC has stated, enough is enough when accountability becomes intense enough for no one to hide. Most administrators and teachers will tell you accountability is out of control. They will say we need to roll back the clock. I am the first to admit that the accountability testing system we have is far from perfect. But I too am for increased accountability for the very reasons discussed in this forum. If you have had enough, step up to the plate and take a swing. But, as SC pointed out, you need to be aware there may be consequences. The weak currently outnumber the strong, and the weak have the positions of power. Be brave, be empowered, but also be informed of the risks. The path you are discussing will take you into harm’s way.”

SC Response
The timid and the self-centered do not outnumber the resolute and driven in every system. They simply follow the path of least resistance and gravitate in the pockets of weak leadership. Teaching may be were the rubber hits the road, but it is leadership that gets the car moving, puts it on the right path, and then keeps it there.

The issue that you have faced is that you have made a career of going to the places where student needs are the most acute and you believed the Boards, Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents who they told you that their failure was a teacher issue. As you are learning, systems don’t crash because of poor teachers, they crash because of poor leadership, and unfortunately you have worked for those at the bottom of the barrel.

The harm that you have faced is the vagabond existence that you and your family have been submitted to. But as someone who has walked a mile in your shoes, the intrensic rewards generally outweigh the harm. There is a group of us who remind me of the old basketball coach, Bill Fitch. Coach Fitch made a career of rebuilding bad NBA franchises. Though he rarely got to experience the ultimate fruits of his labor, he saved careers, rebuilt the professional work ethic and rebooted community pride. You and the old school LYS teachers, AP’s, principals and superintendents do the same. Where’s the harm in that?

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…