In response to the discussion on “Programs,” a reader writes:

“The biggest problem with programs is that we are talking about them! The point is we give too much credence to programs hence, this endless string of posts to this devastatingly boring and useless topic. LYS philosophy is about building strong teachers, supporting them, and leading them to victory – period. We get off task when we even entertain the world of programs. Shut up and start leading! Said with ‘fidelity.’ Respond if you dare.”

SC Response
I understand this reader’s frustration. I sit in on too many meetings where the discussion is how to succeed in spite of teachers (the selling point of many programs). The key is front line teaching.

Leadership must provide both induction and on-going advanced training for teachers. Leadership must provide necessary tools and resources to teachers. Leadership must ensure that teachers implement the training and use the tools and resources. And, leadership must remediate or remove consistently ineffective teachers. This can only be done if leadership is engaged with teachers and instruction on a daily basis.

When you find yourself trying to figure out how to overcome teachers, as opposed to how to improve the effectiveness of teachers, the issue is the system. System failure is leadership failure. Or as the reader so delicately wrote, “Quit entertaining programs and start leading.”

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…