An LYS reader sends in this,

“Sean, Help!

How do you get 2000 kids to tuck in their shirts and keep them tucked in?”

SC Response
The Alpha and Omega to this issue is staff modeling and staff enforcement. Without that, you suffer the challenge of Sisyphus (Google it).

In all candidness, you have bigger issues than student’s tucking their shirts in. In your district, you have limited leadership capacity above you and minimal staff commitment below you. In this case, your battle is day to day survival. I would focus on galvanizing my team with an “us versus the world” mind-set. Focus on fixing your part of the world, one student and one period at a time. Keep track of and celebrate incremental, small victories and keep track of your data.

The only way to accomplish anything in your district is to embarrass those above, beside and below you with the facts. They can either begin to act out of student interest or be proven to be self-centered and incompetent. But let the data speak for itself and for you. You and your team just need to keep your heads down and keep out-working those around you. You can make your small piece of the school better!

Think. Work. Achieve.

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Your turn…