In response to posts on student dress codes, a reader writes:

“I can’t resist commenting on this. It only takes one time of sending someone home to change if the first conversation doesn’t work to stop non-compliance. My experience recently is that some of our schools model better adult dress than those in the administration building. We get what we expect and model.”

SC Response
I know this principal and for those of you thinking that HR wouldn’t let you do this, her response would be, “HR can worry about everyone else, I’ll worry about my campus.”

I can also tell you that here staff loves working for her, because they know that she expects everyone to pull their weight, without exception.

Finally, I can tell you that when I was still working for a district, my schools had a more professional dress standard than the rest of the district. HR finally gave up and accepted that fact, telling the few staffers that questioned this, “Cain’s crew is just different than everyone else.”

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