In response to posts on dress codes, a reader writes:

“Cain nailed it when he writes,

‘Therefore, pick your battle. When you are constantly nagging students about shoelaces, their energy is directed towards deviant shoelaces, not more destructive and dangerous behaviors.’

This could be a quote from Sun Tzu. Pick the time and place of the battle. Strike a target of no great interest in order to take the enemy away from the real, greater objectives.

I think I will now refer to Cain as, ‘Sean Tzu.’ Seriously, this puts the issue in perspective for me and I now see the issue in a different way. Thanks.”

SC Response
Flattery will get you everywhere. Seriously, this is in line with what I advise to new AP’s. I tell them to view school as a game, where everyone has a different definition of victory. Their job is to keep the system moving in a way that the other definitions of victory are not in direct conflict with the big picture. And if you lose sometimes, it’s not personal, just reset the game and start playing again. But always keep playing.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…