In response to the post, “1st Year Principal Rules,” a reader writes:

“A rousing Amen from someone who has been a principal for 22 years! I wish I had these Cain rules my first year!”

SC Response
First, thank you. When great principals validate what you say, it means something (and the principal that sent this comment in, is one of the great ones).

Second, I too wish that I would have known this when I was a first year principal. I often feel that the first part of my career was spent unlearning the platitudes of ineffective leadership that are passed off as the “truth.”

Third, we all have numerous re-starts in our careers, so reviewing the rules before the start of school is a good mental exercise.

Hence, some of my motivation for starting this blog.

1. To share effective school leadership practices.

2. To give other the benefit of the failures and struggles of our learning curve, so they can leap frog past us.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…