Now the not so good news. This is straight from a LYS assistant principal who moved to a new school this year.

“Still two hours to go and I have never seen such a mess. There is zero sense of urgency in the classrooms. There is no instruction. There is no dress code enforcement by teachers. The only one monitoring classrooms is me. This is going to be a long year.”

SC Response
Hang in there brother, I had a similar call last night from a mutual friend. Here’s what I told him.

In a system as broke as the one you are in, you can’t fix it all over night. Don’t worry about the other AP’s and the teachers that are not on your team. Make sure that your teachers hit their marks and for those that are trying, get them every resource you can scrounge. For your teachers that aren’t on board, stay on top of them. Remember bad instruction is better than no instruction. Best case scenario, the rest of the campus begins to follow the lead of your team. Worst case scenario, your part of the school becomes an oasis for your teachers and students.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…