In response for the call to expound on the legend of Brezina, a Lead Your School reader submits the following:

“Brezina taught me about the culture of a school district. I learned in the leadership training academy that if you are not cognizant of the culture of the school and you dive in, you will have a tough road ahead of you. The board has a personality of its own, and you have to bend your philosophy towards their quirky ways. This has been valuable information for me at my own district. I became educated on the “hillbilly” ways of doing things, and it has helped be super-successful. Brezina was right.”

SC Response
Here is the context behind the advice, which the poster understands, but might be missed by the casual reader. You do not compromise your ethics, passion and vision. Think of yourself more as a coach from year to year. As your personnel changes, you modify your approach in a way that maximizes team performance. You have to take the responsibility for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and then lead accordingly.

If we (me and the poster) missed something, Brezina will fill in the blanks.

Think Work. Achieve.

Your turn…