In response to the post, “Fear – Part 5,” a reader writes,

“Psychopath you say? Well, put it to good use.

I have an affliction too: I never quit, even when fear (prudence?) says I should. Some people view me as a psychopath (among other words). Keep up the good work.”

SC Response
I know both of these posters personally (yet they have never met or talked, and they are both Brown Guys). They have both made a career out of leading the teams that on the surface offer a bigger chance of perceived failure, than success. Here is what is interesting about the two of them, and other like them. As they achieve success where no one thought it possible, they are driven to tackle the next “impossible” task. What others see as reckless action, I recognize as supreme confidence and complete mission understanding.

I had a superintendent (and early mentor) tell me that there were two types of great principals that every superintendent had to have on staff in order to be successful. The principal that could take a great campus to new heights; and the principal that could get the bad campus out of the ditch seemingly overnight.

These two school leaders are part of the “Out of the Ditch” crew.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…