In response to the post, “Fear,” a reader writes:

“I simply don’t trust anyone who is not afraid. The person who is claims to be not afraid is either not truthful, is a psychopath, or has not experienced enough real, tough situations to have enough sense to be afraid. All three of those scenarios make the person dangerous to be around. Fear is what keeps us sharp, keeps us caring, and keeps us moving.

I have served in a variety of uniforms over the years and I never met anyone in those intense situations who was not afraid. The trick is either you can let the fear consume you and distract you from your mission or you can harness that fear as it will make you more intense and methodical. As Cain said, focus your fear. Be afraid that maybe you are not doing enough. Let that focus you to re-examine data and systems to verify you are doing the best you can for your kids. Keep preparing, planning, re-examining, and modifying as needed. And remember, the very best plans never survive first contact with the real world situations.”

SC Response:
Spot on. And your close is almost identical to the close I’m using in one of my current presentations, “You must adapt your plan and plan to adapt, because the World plays defense.”

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…