On Saturday’s, I sometimes allow the blog to go off on tangents. This is going to be one of those tangents. We’ll get back on track with the next posting.

I am fascinated by what is going on in Iran right now, for two reasons.

1 – We could very well be watching a democratic revolution in its infancy; and

2 – The overthrow of the Shah and the capture of the American Embassy was the first major world political event that I was old enough to follow and understand at a basic level.

This means that I am a junkie on the democratic process in both theory and practice; and I’m getting old.

That being said, I am including a link to Fareed Zakaria’s column, “Fatal Wound Inflicted on Iranian’s Regime’s Ideology.” In one page, he sums up the major points and implications of what we are currently observing.

Consider the following your weekend Social Studies homework. There may be a quiz.


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