I just finished reading, Adams vs. Jefferson: The Tumultuous Election of 1800, by John Ferling.

It is an excellent, though somewhat dry accounting of the ramp up to the election of 1800. The election that truly proved that the American Political Experiment would be successful. Put this book on your summer reading list if you are a fan of American History.

The book definitely puts our jobs into perspective. Leading a school is not that difficult when you compare it to creating a new country, a new political system, and new infrastructure, all while more powerful countries are trying to either influence or destroy you. Couple that with the fact that the two smartest men in the country (Hamilton and Jefferson) were in opposite political camps, so no matter which side you were on, the other side could (and probably would) eviscerate you with scalpel-like precision.

Enjoy this holiday weekend and remember those that the day memorializes.

Your turn…