I recently was scheduled to be on a campus first thing in the morning and as I was on the way I got a call. The call was to see if I could come later in the day; the school was dealing with a tragedy.

Of course, I said yes and offered assistance.

The facts were that a very young student had passed away due to a car accident. It was horrible and sad. The only reason why I bring this up is that in the face of this, the students and staff were dealing with it. There was grief, crying and discussions; but there was also real human teaching and learning going on. Life hurts, but we still have to live.

For all the second guessing that schools, teachers and administrators face everyday, I can promise you that the second guessers weren’t there that day.

I did show up later that afternoon. But mostly to hold some hands and give some hugs. It wasn’t much. But it was all I could do.

Here’s hoping that you never have to deal with this at your school, but if you do, you’ll do the right thing.

Your turn…

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