The Reboot Classroom

Due to overwhelmingly positive word of mouth advertising, we have been swamped with questions about the three new training sessions that we have shared with instructional staff and administrators across the country. All three are delivered virtually. The next three posts will provide an explanation of each training.


The Reboot Classroom: Teacher Decisions in the Time of Covid-19, is a 120 to 180 minute training that is based on the best-selling (by sheer volume of pre-orders) book by the same name. The genesis of both the book and training is a question posed to us by a teacher, “What can 1 teacher do?”


The training provides teacher with a foundation understanding of pandemics and purposeful risk reduction, then guides them through effective room set-up, health and hygiene procedures, SEL considerations, and instructional practices. This has been the best received teacher training we have provided in the history of LYS. I believe the reason for this is by the end of the training, what teachers realize is that the answer to the question, “What can 1 teacher do” is A LOT!


Lead Your School and Wash Your Hands!

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