There is a lot of time and energy being spent on finding your “WHY” as an organization. I’ve thought a lot about it myself, for a number of years.  Here is my current thinking…


The finding your “why” is important for most enterprises. I need a “why” I build, transport and/or sell widgets.


But in education we are in the people business in general and the student business in particular. Our “WHY” is the student and some iteration of making sure that students have a better life and more opportunities than we had, in ever increasing numbers and regularity.


As an educator, if that isn’t your “WHY”, then why are you in the school business?


And when you put that student focused “WHY” in the center of your decision making then things get easier rather than more complicated.


For example, a teacher brings a coffee pot, microwave, refrigerator, and reclining chair for his room. As a principal, you ask, “How does this improve student outcomes and increase student opportunity?”


If the teacher is honest and says it doesn’t, then remind him that there is a coffee pot, microwave and refrigerator in the teachers’ lounge.


If the teacher comes up with some convoluted connection between his in class efficiency apartment and student success, then now you know that this teacher’s “WHY” is personal comfort first; student need second.


That is mighty good information for a Principal to have.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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