Yesterday (How To Make Sure That Your Training Initiative Fails – Part 1), we discussed the fact that you can ensure that your inservice training will be a waste of time, if you introduce the training with, “I know you already do this.”

Here’s the next thing you can do to ensure failure… Don’t attend / participate in the training.

If you really want to communicate that the training your people are sitting for is not that important, don’t attend. Get it started and just leave. Your people know that if it not worth your time at the beginning, it darn sure won’t occupy your time during the year.

Or, you can use the commonly observed, more insulting variation of this managerial practice… Attend the training with your staff, but don’t participate. Sit in the back and do other work.  This communicates the dual messages of 1) This training really isn’t that important, but 2) you can’t be trusted to act professionally so I will be your baby sitter during this sponge activity.

Here’s a better idea. If you have staff training scheduled for today, clear your calendar, attend and participate.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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