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I like your ideas concerning unregistered firearms. But, I would suggest that your idea about penalties are not realistic. Unregistered guns cannot be traced and most likely, are not left at the scene of a crime unless the perpetrator is killed or captured at the scene.


And in the case of the perpetrator’s demise, who pays the fine?


SC Response


My thinking was based on the fact the crimes committed with a firearm face a harsher penalty than crimes committed without a firearm.  If the firearm is unregistered, then ramp up the penalty again.


The old cliché is, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” So, outlaws with guns should be penalized accordingly, to discourage their use.


I also was thinking of crimes like assault, robbery and poaching.


A reactive solution, admittedly.  But we see every day what no solution produces.


Think. Work. Achieve.


Your turn…


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