Another common sense, public safety rule we could enact for firearms, from a law-abiding, life-long hunter and gun owner.


We really don’t know how many guns are in circulation and who owns them. That’s a public health and safety problem, and by extension a school and child safety problem.


Unregistered firearms are sprinkled far and wide among our neighborhoods. There are stolen firearms (illegal), traded firearms (legal), gun show purchased firearms (legal), inherited firearms (legal) and old firearms (legal)… All unregistered.


I’m not suggesting that someone go knock on doors and begin a gun census. Far from it.


But let’s close the loop holes.  Enact a law that going forward, any transfer of firearm ownership requires documentation. We do this for every other transfer of valuable property, why should firearms be any different? And as for penalty, if a crime is committed with an unregistered firearm, increase the fine / sentence.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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