I am a law-abiding, life-long gun owner. I keep repeating that, so those who want to paint me in a far-left, afraid of guns corner have to realize that is a lie.

I want to share a very real, dangerous to my fellow citizens, problem.

It is easier to renew my concealed handgun license than it is to renew my driver’s license or voter’s registration.

I received my concealed handgun license about twenty-years ago. This required 8 hours of classroom instruction (a good thing), passing a multiple-choice test (a much too easy thing), and 15-minutes of range time. The range time consisted of: (A) could I point the gun down range and pull the trigger; and (B) I did not shoot myself or the instructor (a dangerously too easy thing). When I state “dangerously too easy” keep in mind I am a life-long gun owner and hunter. Gun safety and gun competency was law in my family.

In the ensuing 20 years, my eyesight has diminished, my reflexes have diminished, my level of physical fitness has diminished. Who can say about my judgement and mental acuity. Oh, and this is kind of important, I have fired a grand total of ZERO pistol rounds. I prefer weapons that are actually accurate at a distance of greater than 15 feet. Yet, all it takes to renew my concealed firearm license is to fill out a form and mail it to the state (which I do).

During these same 20 years, I have had to go to the local Department of Public Safety office, twice, so they can see my face and check my eyesight (so the state knows my eyes are worse now than they used to be) before they would renew my driver’s license.

I have moved twice and both times I have had to go to the county clerk with proof of my new address to renew my voter’s registration.

Carrying a firearm is an awesome responsibility. Pulling the trigger on a firearm is the most deliberate dangerous act to my fellow citizens that I can engage in. As a responsible gun owner and hunter, I know this.

With this knowledge, I realize that as a country, we are much too casual in allowing unfettered access to guns, across the board. And our children are paying the price.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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