Our schools and our children have increasingly become targets of those committed to evil. This is the new reality. Yet, many if not most of our schools are less protected than the check cashing kiosk at the local grocery store. It is time to embrace the admittedly reactionary solution of hardening the target. Meaning it should be significantly more difficult to enter school grounds and school buildings.

I’m not advocating turning schools into prisons, far from it. But there are some common-sense security measures that we can put into place. Here is a partial list of where we should begin.

1. There should be a well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing fence around the school complex.
2. All exterior doors should have magnetic locks that require key badges to enter.
3. All exterior doors should be bullet proof.
4. All exterior windows should be bullet proof.
5. All interior doors should be of solid wood or metal.
6. All interior door windows should be bullet proof.
7. All teachers should be trained on how to maintain exterior door security.

This is my minimum list. I know this will not stop all school shooters. But it will discourage some, which is the intent.

This will cost money. That is a given. We must also recognize that protecting our children from being slaughtered by a heavily armed gunman is not a local problem, it is a national problem. Which means funding for this program should be federal. As such, I propose the following funding sources.

There should be a federal tax levied on every firearm, firearm accessory, and box of ammunition. The sole purpose of this tax is to enhance the safety of every school facility in the country.

I would like to point out that this component of The Protect Our Children Initiative will not restrict gun purchases. However, it will make gun and gun related purchases more expensive. But the increased cost will directly make those who are put at greater risk due to the sale of firearms, school children, safer.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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