LYS Coach, Jeanette Nelson, add another reason for why school vouchers are a bad idea and horrible public policy.

All of these posts addressing the foibles of school vouchers got me thinking about another point.

Let’s say a parent takes a school voucher, uses it to go to a private school, and decides after a few weeks or months that the private school is not right for the child. So, the parent goes back to the public school to re-enrolls her child. But wait, the money to educate that child is gone!  Paid to the private school.

Now, can the district charge the parent tuition?  If not, now the public school is educating the child with no (or severely reduced) funding (really bad for public schools).  Or the taxpayer is paying twice to educate the child once (really bad for taxpayers).

Or, can the parent get a refund from the private school?  What if it’s only a partial refund?  If yes, then where does the refund go? In the pocket of the parent? Back to the state?

Can the district even accept that money once it has been refunded or can it only be used for another private school?  

No one is thinking about all this. Least of all our anti-public school, pro-voucher politicians.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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