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The Second Truth About School Vouchers: School vouchers are about dismantling public education, by starving public schools of adequate resources.

Public schools are funded to serve all children. Children with less than average needs, children with average needs, and children with above average needs.  The way public schools are currently (and inadequately funded) requires a little economy of scale. 

When all students are essentially funded the same (and yes, I understand weighted funding), the public school can only serve ANY and every student that enrolls because its funding resources are pooled (and yes, I understand dedicated funding).  The surplus from students requiring fewer resources are shared with students requiring more resources.

However, when school vouchers are introduced, this delicate funding balance (and it is delicate because public schools are woefully underfunded) is upended.

Why is this the case?  Ignore the flowery falsehoods spread by anti-public school politicians, school vouchers are not used to educate students requiring extra resources (poor, LEP, Special Education, etc.). School vouchers are used to educate the easy to teach.  Because private schools are not required to teach ANY student that shows up at their doors. Private schools are allowed to EXCLUDE and SAY NO for any reason, at their sole discretion.

The math is brutally simple. Subtract the funding of students not requiring extra resources and there is no surplus to use with needier students.  Which means that the public school now has to cut required services for the students that need them the most. 

Which then makes public schools seemingly less effective, thus “validating” the need for more school vouchers.

School vouchers represent an orchestrated doom loop that victimizes a public trust for elitist and anti-democratic gain.


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