First, I have nothing against private schools or private school educators.  The important words in those two labels are “School” and “Educator.”

Second, I have no problem with parents who opts to place their child in a private school.  That is their choice.

However, the taxpayer should be under NO obligation to fund the private school choice of parents.  There are host of reasons why this is the case, many of them I have shared previously. But here is a reason I haven’t shared before.

Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric. Regardless of the window dressing that is used to pretty-up the School Choice / Voucher argument it really boils down to this.  A parent choosing to BUY a SPECIFIC PEER GROUP for their child. That peer group may be children from a specific economic group, belief group, and/or ability group.  Which group doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is a group different from the children attending public school. 

And that’s the rub, the taxpayer (public) provides schools for all children.  If you believe that your child deserves more than what is provided to all children, feel free to pay for what you want for your child. Just don’t expect the taxpayer to foot the bill.

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