In response to the 6/24/2015 post, “Exactly How Many Guns Do We Need,” a LYS reader writes:


I totally support your viewpoint. I would like to add that this topic has become politicized. I feel it needs to be discussed as a topic outside of the liberal or conservative lens. The longer it is viewed as a topic that is attached to unrelated political agendas, the less likely we are able to discuss it openly and in a posture to listen.

SC Response Thank you. And I agree. Unfettered gun ownership and access is not a black / white issue. It is nuanced.  And should be treated as such.

And I repeat, the vote is the most important right that we possess.  And there are restrictions and parameters that are placed on that right.

Free speech, is arguable the second most important right that we possess. And there are restrictions and parameters that are placed on that right.

Shouldn’t the right to bear arms, which is the right most likely to infringe on another citizens most valued possession… Life, be subject to reasonable restrictions and parameters?

And once again, I ask this question as a life long gun owner and hunter.         Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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