The following is the sixth of a multi-point field report from a LYS Principal.

Once a school has decent optics (see Point #2 from 7/16/15) and gets one student over the minimum accountability requirement (see Point #3 from 7/21/15), the use of growth plans and directives is likely to rapidly exceed the pushback tolerance level in many districts.  If these ultimate weapons of mass destruction must be used, use them sparingly.

SC Response The use of growth plans and directives are the tools of last resort, or worse, hacks.  Anyone can come in and issue commands with the threat of firing.  But I have found that very few educators are purposefully ineffective. The number is less than five and interestingly, all were union members (but this IS NOT a reflection of teacher union membership).

With this being the case, clear expectations, coaching, observation, and feedback are the practices that support rapid and continuous improvement.  This is what I advocate for and coach the school leaders I work with to do.  To do anything else is counterproductive.  

But surprisingly, this highly effective course of action flies below the radar.  This was driven home when Former Secretary of Education, Dr. Rod Paige pointed out that of the major schools improvement organizations across the country, LYS is by far the least disruptive.  For us (LYS), scorched earth tactics are an option that we have never had to exercise, even after our competition had given up.   
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