There is no “right” campus vision, but there are definitely “wrong” ones.  When either assessing the quality of a campus vision, or creating a campus vision, there are elements that should be considered.

1. Does the vision set the horizon for the campus?  Meaning that the vision does aspire to something worthwhile. That even though this may never be attained, the pursuit is a compelling reason for a lifetime of work.

2. Does the vision address maximizing opportunity for all students.  Too many campus visions are built for a select few.

3. Does the vision address competing / performing at the highest level?  Too many visions paint a picture that just showing up is enough.

4. Does the vision focus on what matters most, academics and learning.  Too many visions forget that we are schools, first.

A campus vision that doesn’t address at least 2 of these elements, I would characterize as a limiting vision. A vision that limits the potential of the organization. A vision that addresses 2 or more of these elements I would characterize as a leveraging vision.  A vision that has the potential to maximizes the potential of the organization.

How would you assess the vision of your campus?

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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