In response to the 8/27/2013 post, “Best Tweets From the CSCOPE Debate,” a reader writes:

OK, let’s just face it; a good teacher doesn’t need CSCOPE. The real question is the money trail to a few at the ESC’s that profit from this.

SC Response It amazing how wrong you are able to be in so few words.

It is the good teacher who most needs CSCOPE.  There are three basic instructional decisions: 

A. What to Teach. 

B. When to Teach It. 

C. How to Teach It.  

Provide the good teacher with the “What and the When” (the scope and sequence) and that frees up time to get better at the how.  This actually gives that teacher the very real opportunity to build true expertise.  Experts narrow their focus, not broaden it.  To not provide a good teacher with a tool such as CSCOPE is either misguided, ignorant, or both.

There is no surprise that the ESCs profited from CSCOPE. Their mandate from the legislature was to create products that the districts would be willing to pay for to compensate for the lack of legislative will to adequately fund and support education. CSCOPE is the direct result of the Governor and legislature robbing Peter to pay Paul in order to remain elected. And as long as the electorate is brainwashed into believing that “Every Tax = Bad,” then this will remain the case.  Public infrastructure isn’t free, no matter how much you want that to be the case.  I’m sorry that your Social Studies teacher failed in teaching you this basic fact.

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