In response to the 3/19/2013 post,What Do You Really Think,” a reader writes:


Yellow journalism is used to sway public opinion. When you use the term “loonies” to refer to people who object to CSCOPE, you are using an editorial devise to sway the reader. That immediately alerts the savvy reader that you have an underlying motive.

SC Response Let’s get real. In no way should I ever be considered a journalist. I’m a practitioner that moderates an on-going conversation about the pursuit of school excellence.

Second, I have made exceeding clear that having questions, concerns and even objections to CSCOPE does not make one a Loony.  Heck, that makes you an informed consumer.  That is entirely different than arguing that CSCOPE is a Marxist Conspiracy, or part of a plot to create a New World Order, or that CSCOPE is stealing money from school districts (all actual claims).  That is Loony.  For those offended by that distinction, all I can offer is, “If the shoe fits…”

Third, if it takes anyone more than three sentences to realize that I have an opinion and an agenda, by definition, they are not a savvy reader. But just to make sure that my agenda is clear, here it is.

As educators, our job is to maximize opportunity for all students.  Not just the students that are easy to teach, or the students that I like, or the students that have parents who look and think like me.  All of them.  To not do so is state, community, district and campus sanctioned theft.

Those who let their self-interest get in the way of this, I have a problem with.  In the LYS Nation, we call each other on this, we work through this, and sometimes have to agree to disagree. For those who aren’t part of the LYS Nation, they’re not going to be reading for very long so I’m not losing any sleep worrying about how they feel.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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