In response to the 2/13/13 post, “It Seems That CSCOPE is the Root of All Evil (Part 2 of 4),” a reader writes:


Yea! Glad I’ve escaped the loonies.

SC Response You are an astute reader.  There were a couple of readers that were worried that I believed that if they had a concern about CSCOPE I viewed them as part of the problem.  And of course the answer to that is, “Absolutely not.”

CSCOPE is an evolving scope and sequence product that over the past eight years has improved rapidly, in part due to the fact that it has proactively responded to user concerns. CSCOPE needs professional educators to question and critique its content and recommend amendments and improvements. Those who have heard me speak know that I can spend 30 minutes describing issues that I have with the tool.  But I always conclude that critique with this.  “CSCOPE is better than what I, or any individual teacher, could create alone. And I have yet to find an instructional tool that better meets the paired criteria of EFFECTIVE AND COST EFFICIENT.”

So what is the difference between a Loony and a professional with questions or concerns? Here is a quick rubric:

A loony views CSCOPE as a Marxist plot to indoctrinate children.

A professional asks, “Why the heck is that a recommended lesson?” Then modifies the lesson to better meet her instructional needs.

A loony sees CSCOPE as an attack on his/her chosen political beliefs and way of life. 

A professional sees CSCOPE as a tool to meet ever-increasing state mandated accountability standards.

And for those who object to the rubric, as my uncle used to remind me, “If the shoe fits…”

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