In response to the 11/9/12 post, “The Common Assessment Process,” some LYS Principals write:

1. Great response. Clear and to the point.

2. Amen, cowboy!

3. Excellent response. Something else to consider is how the organization views “scores.” If scores are used to identify and address gaps in student learning, and gaps and deficiencies in delivered instruction this system will work. If the scores are used primarily to evaluate teachers, the integrity of the system will be in jeopardy, focus will be lost, and little will change. Thanks for your wisdom. 

SC Response

1. Thank you.

2. Yippee-ki-yay.

3. Exactly.  The common assessment process works when it is used to objectively identify what works, so we can replicate it and identify what doesn’t work, so we can replace that practice. The scores are simply information that inform our next instructional decisions.  If the process is used incorrectly, that is a case of poor leadership. Sadly, at the non-LYS schools I have observed, the process is used incorrectly significantly more often than correctly. Doing what is right is rarely easy.

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