A LYS Teacher sent in the following question:


I know what you think about the anti-CSCOPE loonies. But what do you really think about CSCOPE?

SC Response It’s interesting that you asked that question.  Most people saw my Anti-CSCOPE Loonies posts as a CSCOPE endorsement.  That wasn’t the case. The posts were intended as a “Loonies vaccination.” My opinion of CSCOPE is the same as my opinion of most all professionally developed scope and sequences. It is a useful and mission critical tool that is always in draft from.  Much like the operating system for computers.  You have to have it and it always has bugs that have to be worked out. 

What CSCOPE does well, is that it meets the two primary criteria of an effective scope and sequence.

1. It is aligned to the standards that the state has set.  Any scope and sequence that isn’t aligned to state standards is a waste of effort, time and money.  Many of the people who have an issue with a scope and sequence really have an issue with the state standards.  To which the only response is, “Tough, teach the to the standard or quit the game.” 

This isn’t being harsh or cruel. It is recognition of the reality of the current situation.

2. It is revised as new standards, information, understandings and methods are presented, developed and/or learned.  Again, those who complain about the constant stream of revisions and changes are really making the case that given a choice, they would prefer to do what they want instead of what is required.

So what do I think about CSCOPE? Again, it is a tool. For me, it is simply the offensive playbook. I know that our best chance of winning is to execute the plays in the playbook with urgency and fidelity. And the more we do this, the better we get at it.

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