And to complete the review of tweets during the Thanksgiving Break, here are the Top 10 LYS Tweets from the week of November 18, 2012.

1. Public education system is not perfect. That being said, my approach is a laser like focus on solutions, not on complaining. Join me! (By @museblogger)

2. Why is teaching so hard to do well? The “curse of knowledge” leaves us unaware of what our students don’t know. (By @anniemurphypaul)

3. A study found there is little connection to homework time and grades. That’s because grades measure when you learned it, not if you learned it.

4. Increased rigor does not correlate with increased homework. (By @dsteeber)

5. Homework serves little purpose as it is generally administered. But that is true of lots of what occurs in school.

6. The neuro-power of a pat on the back: praise boosts dopamine; dopamine enhances consolidation of new skills/memory. (By @sweatscience)

7. The less time you have, the greater the chance that external incompetence will come into play.

8. I’m not saying that basing an educator’s evaluation on test scores is right or fair. But we do rate coaches based on their win/loss record.

9. I’m not holding up the coaching model as ideal. Just pointing out that there are ways to evaluate based on added value.

10. Thankful that children can be successfully educated in public schools across the nation. Go LYS Nation! (By @Crysrommuel)

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