In response to the 10/31/2012 post, “Pretty Lies and Powerful Truths – Part 3,” a reader writes:


In reference to the quote in the post, “The monthly diatribes against school choice, vouchers, and charter schools, however, are the weakest part of the blog.”

I felt the same way and did not bother to write.  I was turned off also but just decided to put up with the insults to get the information I needed to be a better principal. 

SC Response If you were insulted, I can assure you that was never the intent.  The intent was to stake a position and defend it.  In fact, I saw the posts in question as an invitation to either improve upon and/or refute the argument.  Personally, the issues I have with poor performing charter schools are the same issues that I have with poor performing traditional schools. They waste public resources and under serve children who can least afford to be underserved. I have no issue with performing charter schools, because they are public schools.  I just understand that the charter school and the traditional school don’t play by exactly the same rule (advantages and disadvantages for both sides) so the solutions developed for one aren’t always applicable for the other.

Second, the blog does cover a wide range of topics and perspectives, from classroom issues, to campus issues, to boardroom issues to political issues. For me, I see the common thread as leadership.  I always wanted to know that those above me were thinking and had a plan.  That made it easier for me focus on leading my little part of the world.  I will be honest, when you pull back the curtain in most districts, there is no plan and there is no consideration of the big picture. So my hope is that the exploration of topics across the spectrum validates that there are thinking, purposeful leaders at all levels.  At least it does for me.

Third, we will continue to tackle the issue of vouchers.  They are on the political agenda and they will impact public schools.  To ignore that fact, would be to say that the layperson has a better understanding of what is best for schools than the education professional.  For me, nothing is further from the truth.

Finally, I am glad that at times you find that the blog is useful in your role as a campus leader.  That is why the blog was born.  Eight years ago there was a group of principals tasked with near impossible improvement mandates.  They were spread across the state and they only had each other as a support network. The informal communication web that they shared morphed into the near daily posts that you now receive today. The majority of those principals were successful and have since become Assistant Superintendents and Superintendents, hence the expansion of topics.

Thanks for sticking with us.

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