A New LYS Principal asks the following:

Attached you will find our PowerWalks data. We will significantly improve the number of walk-thru’s we will perform for the remainder of the year as I purchased an iPad2 for each of our assistant principals (they love the PowerWalks system). I am also breaking down each of the Fundamental Five and the researched components that make for high level instruction during our “Huddle” meetings. What we are curious about is what does the research indicate about the frequency rate for each of the Fundamental Five areas for exemplary campuses?    Thanks for all of your guidance and help. We are excited about becoming a great campus. I look forward to hearing what your research has shown to be a good baseline indicator. I think our staff is looking for a percentage, so they can shot for it.  I will share with your our next PowerWalks Fundamental 5 report at the end of the month.

SC Response I’m glad to hear that you and your AP’s love the PowerWalks system. I will admit that even now, I still think that the system is just plain cool. Now you know why every principal who has seen it, but can’t have it, rightfully hates whatever their district makes them use.
Now, the first thing to remember is that the Fundamental 5 is about instructional delivery. Instructional delivery is not the primary variable in the early stages of campus improvement.  Instructional content is the primary variable.  If I’m teaching the wrong thing, it doesn’t matter how well I teach it.  That is why the Foundation Trinity is Alpha and Omega of LYS schools.

However, at veteran LYS schools that have been incrementally increasing the quality of instructional delivery, we observe the Fundamental 5 frequency levels at significantly higher levels than what is observed at typical campuses.

I have looked at your latest Fundamental 5 report (note to readers: PowerWalks is the only observation system that generates Fundamental 5 reports) and right now some of your numbers seem high.  That is not unusual.  As you increase inter-rater reliability, your numbers will most likely drop at first and then rebound slowly.  

Keep pushing to get better and call us if we can help you in any way.

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