I was reading an article recently – I won’t name the article or the publication because I’m not going to attack anyone personally. But I will share some of the general outrage I felt. The article was reporting about some of the success of teachers who have “flipped” their instruction. These teachers had videoed some of their lectures so students could view that lectures on-line, at home. Then the following day, the students were able to spend more time practicing the skills that the lectures addressed. Self-reported benefits included covering more content and more one on one time with students. So far, so good. Then in an attempt to present a balanced report, the “con” side was presented. Here the summary of the “con,” as shared by several teachers. “If you teach this way (flipped), you will run out of things to do. We are not prepared to teach that much in a year.” Really!!! We currently work in an environment where a primary (and legitimate) complaint of teachers is not having enough time to cover the content at the breadth and depth that they deem necessary. So some of our peers offer up the “con” position that if we improve the efficiency of content delivery we will run out of things to do during the school year. Exactly whose side are these people on? The job of public school advocates would be so much easier if many of our peers would actually think about what they are saying before they open their mouths. Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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