A LYS Superintendent asks the following: SC, Do you think Commissioner Scott will be in hot water for his Mid-Winter testing remarks? SC Response Here is my analysis of the situation. It is pure conjecture and opinion. I don’t think that there is any hot water. In fact, I think that the comments were a calculated move that were designed to help the Governor. Remember, Scott and Perry are tight. Though there is no question that Scott is brilliant and would be a success in almost any arena, he owes his job and stature to Perry. He understands, better than any prior Commissioner, that his job is to further the education agenda of his boss. Which means that I believe that his comments had a political purpose. The question is what purpose? Perry based his run for the president by embracing the agenda of the far right. In the math of getting the next job, proving your conservative chops by gutting public education is worth it… if you can get elected as either President or Vice President. Obviously, he miscalculated and that ship has sailed. But now, Perry has a problem. His policies and leadership (or lack thereof) has united educators of all ranks (board to teacher) against him. The last Governor to face this was Mark White. And we know that White did not do well in his next (and last) election. Perry does not need the educator vote to win, but typical educator indifference during the election makes his job easier. So look at the audience at Mid-Winter. It was made up of Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents, overall a politically conservative group. But this group also believes that the pendulum of accountability and belt tightening has gone to far. When Scott throws them a bone, like he did, maybe in the voting booth they hold their nose and pull the lever for Perry again, instead of his opponent. In summary, it is my belief that Scott did not go off the reservation. His comments simply confuse those that would be tempted to support Perry’s opponent, which for Perry, equals a win. But overall, nothing has changed. STAAR is still coming and funding is still going away. That, like Scott’s comment, is by design. Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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