A LYS Assistant Principal asks: SC, With the new EOC format and state-required 15% of final grade weighted into averages, we are unsure on how to address the awarding of credits at mid-term in the core classes when no score is yet available. If students fail enough in the Fall where they are not able to make up ground in the Spring (especially depending on the EOC which would have to be weighted differently than 15% to compensate) then the chances are they will just give up and thus make dropout rates even a bigger issue. How are LYS schools addressing these issues and what strategies are they employing in managing this dilemma with the current Freshman class? SC Response Those are some great questions. Instead of weighing in with my opinion, let’s toss this to the LYS Nation. Steve, Mike, John, Mike, Brandy, Trig, Jill, Bobby and all the rest of the LYS Texas High School crew, what are your answers? Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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The Anonymous Critic

The scourge of the field-based leader (in schools, think Assistant Principal and Principal) is the anonymous complaint. It will make…