An Old School LYSer submits the following: SC, I know that every day there are educators just joining the LYS Nation. Either new to the training and/or new to the blog, they are introduced to the terms Foundation Trinity, Fundamental 5, PowerWalks, and other components of our practice. They will hear and read about our successes (and our failures) and too many will find it easy to dismiss our doctrine as either too simple or too hard (funny how your critics can’t figure out the best way to dismiss you). As you are well aware, you ran some number for me that showed the performance of my previous district, from pre-LYS practices, through LYS practices, and then (sadly) the abandonment of LYS practice after I, and other key LYSers, left to lead a larger district. Please share those same numbers with the LYS Nation; there is a lesson there for all of us. SC Response Below is the data summary you referenced. A brief explanation: 2006 was the year prior to your arrival. 2007 – 2010 are the years that you lead the district. In 2011, the district was under new leadership. Leadership that continues to de-emphasize the implementation of Foundation Trinity practices. It should also be noted that in 2010, your district successfully switched to a new common scope and sequence.

Year Formula Score: Economic Disadvantaged TAKS – Pass All Sections Formula Score: Economic Disadvantaged TAKS – Commended All Sections LYS Performance Over Adversity Scale Score
2006: Pre-Foundation Trinity 60.0 4.18 110.8
2007 65.35 6.81 119.6
2008 70.92 11.24 131.54
2009 75.3 14.88 135.98
2010 81.14 11.46 143.51
2011: Foundation Trinity abandoned 77.22 12.78 143.1

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