In response to the 7/14/2011 post “Teacher Nests,” a reader writes: All right, I’ll do it. Since no one else will ask, what is a “Teacher Nest?” SC Response Of all the things I talk about, the topic of Teacher Nests cause the greatest consternation. Tell a teacher that the rigor and relevance of her instruction (very important discussion) is sub-par and she will ask you what she should do to improve. Suggest that a teacher has a Teacher Nest in her room (not very important discussion) and she will throw something at you. The Premise: It is beyond refute that environment effects performance. So one should strive to create an environment that accelerates performance instead of creating an environment that derails performance. The “Teacher Nest” falls into the category of performance hindrance. The Definition: Teacher Nests come in three basis categories. The first is “The Fortress.” The fortress is where the teacher arranges her furniture in such a fashion that it walls off her space from the general classroom. The second is “The Nest.” The nest is where the teacher’s desk and work area is one cluttered, disorganized mess. This mess often resembles a bird’s nest, hence the name. The third is “The Spa.” The spa is where the teacher has gone overboard with providing herself with creature comforts. In the spa you will other find microwave ovens, refrigerators, coffee pots, numerous photographs, knick-knack collections, overstuffed chairs, etc. Tomorrow, we will discuss why Teacher Nests are worthy of staff attention. Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn… Call Jo at (832) 477-LEAD to order your campus set of “The Fundamental 5: The Formula for Quality Instruction.” Individual copies available on! Follow Sean Cain and LYS on