I have spent the last two days working with a group of teachers that has reaffirmed why the politicians and the angry fringe of the general public are wrong. Let me set the stage. In this district, the secondary schools lost their ratings in May. No TPM, means that they have to face the harsh reality that there is more work left to do than they realized. Then the high school principal was hired by another district. Then the superintendent was removed. Now, school begins in two weeks. The board is fragmented and current district and campus leadership is has the confidence inspiring titles of “Interim” and “Acting.” According to the talking heads this is the classic recipe for low morale. But I haven’t observed that over the past two days. What I have observed is new leaders stepping up to make sure that teachers have the tools to start school successfully. And I have observed an entire district teaching core, dig into the mapping of curriculum (tedious, detail oriented work) to make sure that they are better prepared to teach this year than they ever have been before. I’m watching teacher share, collaborate and problem solve to make sure everyone is ready to go full speed on Day One. When the easy thing to do would be to wait, this staff is rising to the challenge. To a man (and woman) every one of them is doing their part to Lead Their School. I’m just honored that they let me and LYS be part of their team. I can’t predict what their results will be at the end of the year. But I can promise you that it will better than the non-LYS district that finds itself in a similar situation. Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn… Call Jo at (832) 477-LEAD to order your campus set of “The Fundamental 5: The Formula for Quality Instruction.” Individual copies available on Amazon.com! http://tinyurl.com/4ydqd4t Follow Sean Cain and LYS on www.Twitter.com/LYSNation