In response to the 5/19/2011 post, “Vouchers – It’s Only Choice,” LYSers sent in the following quick hitters.1. Spot on! Vote out those that vote against public education.2. Outstanding blog and to answer your “Who will I vote for” question…anyone without (R) next to their name.3. Great anti-voucher argument.4. Since you have pointed it out, I can see their agenda in every pro-voucher comment and argument.5. Love the post; remind me to never make you mad at any of my pet projects.6. If you run, I will vote.7. There should be no vouchers. If the government wants to address this, do so with tax deductions.8. Can I repost your post on vouchers? SC Response As always, thanks for the comments. In regards to comment #7, this isn’t a case of the Government wanting to do this. This is a case of a small number of people with a very specific agenda manipulating an issue that the general populace pays little attention to. The general population supports schools (see: school bond passing rates in this era of “taxes are evil”). But those with an ax to grind are much more vocal and specific than those that do not. There is an understanding in business, the customer that does not like you will tell ten people, the customer that does might tell one. As for the idea of allowing a compromise solution such as providing a tax deduction for those who opt out of the public school system, that unveils a slew of unanswered issues. I’ll start with the easy one. If you get a tax break for not sending your kids to public school, shouldn’t someone else get a tax break for not having kids? No, “Public” is public because it serves the greater good. In regards to #8, I have no problem with the LYS Nation referencing and reposting what we discuss on the blog. This is just one big discussion about schools. I’m just happy that there are thousands us of that are driven to improve our schools, only because we love them. Think. Work. Achieve.Your turn… Call Jo at (832) 477-LEAD to order your campus set of “The Fundamental 5: The Formula for Quality Instruction.” Individual copies available on! Louise ISD is searching for a Superintendent. Application details at Follow Sean Cain on Upcoming Event / Presentation Schedule June 11 (TASB) – The Fundamental Five; Improve Now! June 15 thru June 17 – TASSP Conference June 16 (TASSP) – Conference Breakfast, hosted by E. Don Brown (LYS travel tumblers for the first 1000 attendees, last year we ran out) June 16 (TASSP) – Book Release Event for “The Fundamental 5” June 18 – TASB Conference, Fort Worth