The following is a reader review that was posted on I ordered this (the book) last week and when it came in the mail yesterday, I just had to read it! Finished it this morning, and although it’s highlighted up, my plan is to reread it many times before school begins again in August. My other task is to encourage my teachers to read it and hopefully begin implementing the Fundamental 5 in their classrooms. Our campus is a Title 1 campus and our state scores have gone down in the last two years. We have to come up with a plan; how can we increase our achievement? What Cain and Laird put in this book is not rocket science. If you’ve been in education for any length of time, the things they talk about are things that you know. But, have you ever put them together for an extended period of time? That’s what the Fundamental 5 is. Combining lesson frames, working in the power zone, frequent, small-group, purposeful talk, recognition and reinforcement and critical writing to create a formula for quality instruction. What I liked most about this book, as an administrator, is that it is a quick read, but it’s jam packed with great information. There is no fluff included, like in some other books I’ve read. The authors have been in education in various capacities and have seen first hand what they are talking about. They give explicit examples and explain the formula and it’s components in a way that even a first year teacher can understand. I’m truly amazed at how much information is packed into this short book! It is one I will be recommending to many! I have been following Mr. Cain’s blog for a while, as he has worked with many campuses and principals that I am familiar with. His work has been proven and comes highly recommended by others in the field. SC Response Thank you so much for your kind (and unsolicited words). The book was like a term paper that we had to turn in to every teacher on the planet, which is a much more scary proposition than we initially imagined. Your comment and grade (4 out of 5 stars) simply reminded me how powerful teacher feedback can be. With just a few short paragraphs you encouraged us, validated us, and motivated us to write another book in an attempt to earn your fifth star. Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn… Call Jo at (832) 477-LEAD to order your campus set of β€œThe Fundamental 5: The Formula for Quality Instruction.” Individual copies available on! Louise ISD is searching for a Superintendent. Application details at A Central Texas School District is searching for an Assistant Superintendent. Application details at Follow Sean Cain on Upcoming Event / Presentation Schedule June 17, TASSP Conference – PowerWalks June 18, TASB Conference – Improve Now! June 18, TASB Conference – The Fundamental 5

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