There have been a lot of quick hitter comments that readers have been sending in, so today I thought I would lump them all together and share them with the rest on of the LYS Nation. For the 3/24/2011 post, “Texas School Finance Situation,” the Ol’ Ball Coach writes: “Amen, Brother.” SC: Coach, I can’t tell you how relieved I was to get your comment. I wrote that post knowing that I was breaking away from one of my long held positions. And I was worried that I hadn’t explained myself well enough and that you would take some umbrance. Thanks for the support. For the 3/25/2011 post, “Yes, I Know the Hours are Long – Part 23,” a long time reader writes: “Spot on Again!” SC: Thanks, but again I have to credit the assist to the LYS Superintendent who refocused my thoughts and my writing. For the 4/1/2011 post, “School Reform Agenda,” a long time reader writes: This is BRILLIANT!!!! I Love It!!!! SC: Sometimes we need to remind ourselves how far we have actually progressed. For the 4/1/2011 post, “School Reform Agenda,” an old school LYS’er writes: ‘Pisses you off…’ ‘Politely point out exactly why they are an idiot.’ That’s the Cain I know and love. Keep giving them hell, brother! SC: The truth will set you free. For the 4/4/2011 post, “Top Tweets From the Week of March 27,” a reader writes: I love this! I don’t always agree with everything you say but when you are hot, you’re hot! SC: Thanks and remember the rule of the blog is that critical thought and learning resides in our areas of disagreement. That’s what confuses the haters. For the 4/5/2011 post, “Finance Driven Epiphanies,” a reader writes: This post is why I read the blog. University level discussions about the issues I face daily on my campus. SC: I tell everyone the typical LYSer brings more to the table than the average educator. Or as one Superintendent says, LYS Principals talk differently than their peers, that’s why I hire every one I can steal. For the 4/6/2011 post, “What are You in Charge of – Part 1,” a reader writes: I miss the Ol’ Ball Coach!!! Great leader and mentor. SC: He agrees. For the 4/6/2011 post, “What are You in Charge of – Part 1,” a reader writes: I have also found that if you run around the building and jokingly harass someone and bring a smile to their face while you “borrow” their chocolate, it will bring down your stress levels as well. SC: I need to “borrow” more chocolate. For the 4/8/2011 post, “The Awesome Work of a LYS Assistant Principal,” a reader writes: I am sitting here with tears in my eyes! That was beautiful. For the 4/8/2011 post, “The Awesome Work of a LYS Assistant Principal,” a reader writes: That’s funny, that’s my Tahoe pulling in the parking lot when they start at the beginning. Christina (the principal) is my mentor, I’m lucky! The teachers who came up with this idea did a good job! Cool for Holmsley and their kids!!! SC: I was blown away when they sent me video. Kudos to the whole school. Finally, I’ve had a ton of phone calls and e-mails saying that “The blog is on fire. Keep it up.” As long as the LYS Nation keeps reading, writing, and responding, I’ll keep up my end of the bargain. Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…Follow Sean Cain on Soon! – “The Fundamental 5: The Formula for Quality Instruction”

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